About us - Konus - Rifle Scopes

Konus  is a Italy manufacturer of optical goods founded in 1979.  We have a world-recognised brand of various styles of gun scopes, including speciality spotting scopes.  Our aim is to maintain a relationship with new technologies as they evolve, and produce high quality optics that will reflect the need of the market today.

Konus is one of the newest of our product line.  We perseve the market for this product will be exponential as people realise more and more uses for this product.  We pride ourselves on having a competitive edge in pricing, with a similar quality of other well-known brands.
Located in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, our company is the sole Konus distributor for "Rifle Scopes" New Zealand, but also ships internationally. We have items in selected stores as well as online sales. For more information on individual products please read our product page and contact us if you have any further queries.

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