Konus SPY-7 Digital Night Vision Monocular (7928)

The Konuspy-7 is a state-of-the-art night vision device. No longer does the cover of darkness have to interfere with your ability to see once the sun sets.
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The faintest available light is gathered and intensified by 20,000 times, providing clear vision at night.

No available light, no problem. The Konuspy-7 includes an internal infrared illuminator that the intensfier tubes can utilize, allowing you to see images more than 200 yards away. And you can also take pictures and record movies of what you observe.

  • Night Vision Monocular
  • Can be connected to a spotting scope with a #1301 adapter
  • Can take pictures and record movies
  • One hand monocular style
  • Fully rechargeable
  • Internal infrared illuminator
  • Includes SD card
  • Includes USB cable
  • Includes USB battery charger
  • Includes Carrying case
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Light gain/Amplification: 20,000x
  • 5x-8x power